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_plastic surgery_, ink on paper, 50x54cm, 2023.jpg


"The Pursuit of Perfection" series is like an introduction about beauty industry. It part of a series critical of the health and fashion industry. Nowadays, people all across the world are influenced by the beauty industry. While the cosmetics market permeates all walks of life, it has several issues, such as the negative effects it has on psychological well-being and subpar quality items.


Realistic portrayals of beauty are rarely promoted in advertisements for products sold in beauty supply stores, fashion publications, or on social media platforms.


When it comes to professional photoshoots and editing, the standard for beauty is spotless, wrinkle-free skin without a hint of imperfection. Starting from here, Nadir wants to disrupt this perception and draws imperfect figures. Pink was used predominantly in colored studies although the beauty industry was created with a target of women, the artist's works do not fully contain female features in form, because she wants to critisize the earnings obtained from women.


The figures are distorted, deformed and missing, but they looking at the viewer. Despite all the disorder, Nadir, wants them to have self-confidence and emphasizes that this wasted effort for beauty is unnecessary.

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