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Interview with Mattia Perucca


Q. Welcome to u1 gallery. We are so grateful to be able to interview you.We can never thank you enough. Could you introduce yourself and your works? How did you begin creating art?


A. I am a self-taught artist based in La Spezia, Italy, father of one little girl.

I am graduated in mechanical engineering and I have always played the complicated role of mediator between my rational side and my creative side, always in conflict with each other.

Since I was a child I have always been attracted by the visual arts, I don’t remember precisely, but I think I started drawing very early in my life, all over the walls of my parents' apartment.

My painting activity started in 2008, discontinuously, depending on when I felt like doing it.

At the moment art is not my first job, but it is a part of my life I would never change, it is a fundamental activity that I could not renounce.

It is my safe little place.


Q. Could you talk about the process of creating and the way of expressing your work?


A. Usually I take some very essential notes on paper about some ideas I have, just to don’t forget.

Once I have to start a new painting I take my notebook and browse it searching for some interesting sketch I drawn down previously.

The main media I use are acrylic painting, but I like also the oil painting, it depends on which result I would like to obtain.

Usually I do paint on canvas, paper or even wood.

Q. Could you describe one artwork or series from your oeuvre that you feel it was pivotal in your career?


A. I often painted surreal landscapes with water and elements that should normally be in the water but instead are located outside it and vice versa.

I prefer night or evening atmospheres with spotlights, especially I love the atmosphere that is perceived in the blue hour.

These are certainly some common elements in a wide range of my artworks.

Q. Where do you get the inspiration for your work? I also wonder what helps you when you work?


A. I always try to paint something related to what I remember about my dreams, but it is a pretty difficult task.

Other inspirations could come from memories of some places I saw, reworking these in my mind according to the feelings I have from the memory.

Q. What do you hope that the audience takes away from your art?

A. I use to let people make their own idea on what my artworks would communicate, I don’t like to make suggestions about interpretation.

Q. What is your dream project? Could you tell us your plans and aspirations as an artist?


A. I would like to perform some totally abstract artworks, but differently from what most people think, in my opinion it is very difficult to obtain a credible result despite that art could appear technically simple at the first sight.

Instead I believe that good experience and maturity are needed to express oneself effectively with the abstract, as well as a great sense of composition.

I hope one day I will feel confortable with the abstract painting.

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