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Titled 'Growing Sideways', the exhibition questions the complex nature of imperfection in a collection of 16 charcoal drawings on paper. Guided by beautiful mistakes, rather than perfection, Kasin allows errors to slip through the cracks of his concepts, following the rhythm of nature. An exposed root, a wrong line, a landslide, an unerasable dot, deliberate gestures of allowing life to happen.

Using only a piece of charcoal, an eraser, and his hand, the artist constructs, distorts, and rebuilds each composition until it can balance its own weight. After that, the relationship between creator and creation peacefully ends, with art holding the ultimate power over its destiny. This intimate feeling of fragility resonates throughout the exhibition as each piece slowly evolves beyond its borders in a dance toward infinity.

"It's an unbelievable feeling to allow yourself space to breathe, to make small mistakes, and to grow from them. I don't know much but I'm sure that the beauty is in the journey, in the process, because at the end of the road, when our part is done, whatever we put our love into should be free to make its own mistakes.


There is a word for this, not in my native tongue, but from far away, across mountains, deserts, and seas. They call it.. wabi-sabi, and although it's a distant feeling, our hearts beat just the same!"

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