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Virtual Exhibition

We, u1 gallery are pleased to announce the launch of our virtual exhibition service.

This service is established to provide a solution to voices such as "I am interested in art, but I feel little nervous about actually going to exhibitions" or "It is too far away to physically visit exhibitions" by making exhibitions easily approachable using the virtual space. At the same time, we hope that our virtual gallery lower the bar to the world of art and allowing visitors to experience the power and appeal of art.



Artists from all over the world are invited and various forms of art will be exhibited.

We will be dealing with a very wide range of media, including paintings, photographs, prints, poetry, and illustrations. There are no restrictions on theme or size, so please feel free to participate.


We provide a place for artists to express their originality.

The theme of the group exhibition is 'LOVE'.

All your works related to ‘LOVE’ are acceptable!

We sincerely look forward to receiving your submissions.


*This open call will include the participation fee as a support of the production and administration of the exhibition.

The participation fee is 20 dollars.

The part of our profit from the exhibition will be donated to shelter for abandoned dogs and cats.

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