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About u1


Why u1?

For some reason, going to a museum might make us feel we should be educated or be prestigious. Also it might made us think as if we have to decorate our entire body to be suited for a museum such as wearing a fancy dress. There were days when I walked through the museum without understanding anything about arts but pretending I am knowledgeable because I felt that if I said I did not know the artists and their works, I would be called ignorant. There were days I came across the works that resonated with me but I couldn’t stay in front of them because I thought I would disturb other people by staying too long.


However, virtual exhibition is different. Regardless of how you dress, time, or place, at the push of a button, you are connected to a space where the answers to the questions you ask yourself are re-born. There is no need to worry about others, whether  you stay just a second or hours in front of the artwork. Some works can be enjoyed like a roller coaster ride, but for some works a peaceful afterglow follows you for a long time when you look back on. There are times when the emotions rush over and tears flow for no reason, and there are works that make you feel the urge to applaud. There are works that whisper to you for a long time even after you decided to just passed by and then one day, they suddenly come to you, make you feel fretting.


u1's virtual exhibition is an extremely personal experience, a completely private interaction between you and the work, which means you can enjoy it without worrying what people think of you. You don't have to applaud when the performance is over,  or you don't have to cheer for the actors on stage. You can feel and act in a way that is thoroughly fulfilling only to your own thoughts. This freedom is what makes us, u1, a very special place.


Why do we need u1? 

Why virtual exhibition?

We have established an online platform where art works are exhibited. Through the virtual exhibition, you can appreciate the works of artists from all over the world regardless of time and space.


“Art" is something that changes depending on various elements such as space, time, and emotion. We hope that visitors experience the infinite changes in the meaning and value of artwork, even if the meaning and sentiment of the work may differ from the artist's original intention.


Through u1 and art, we will propel our activities forward to make every minute of your life precious and irreplaceable.

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